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Clayton Smith. Criminal Defense Attorney. Former Prosecutor.

Clayton Smith works in Dallas, Collin, Tarrant & surrounding counties, focusing on:

DWI / DUI cases
Possession / Manufacture / Delivery of Drug cases
Assault Family Violence cases
Misdemeanor cases
Felony cases
Probation violations
Expunctions / Non-Disclosures

Dallas County District Attorney's Office  4 + years
• Felony Trial Section
• Organized Crime Division
• Chief of several Misdemeanor courts
• Misdemeanor Family Violence Division
• DWI courts
• Intake Division, Magistrates court, Dallas County Grand Jury

Hunt County Attorney's Office  ~ 1 year
• Misdemeanor trial court
• Juvenile court
• Justice of the Peace courts

University of Texas at Austin, BA in Economics, minor in Business Foundations
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law for Juris Doctor
     (now Texas A&M University School of Law)
Lake Highlands High School in Dallas, Texas 

• Can work to get best deal possible. Can work to get case dropped or the charges lowered.
• Can help you get out of jail.
• Can help you get your bond lowered.
• Can review police reports, conduct interviews with witnesses, conduct interviews with police officers
• Can find expert witnesses. Can conduct pre-trial investigation.
• Can measure what a case is worth because experience as both a Defense Attorney and Assistant District Attorney.
• Can file motions.
• Can try your case to a jury or a judge.
• Contact Clayton Smith - 214-908-8745

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