2nd Degee Felonies

2nd Degree Felony

Abandon/Endanger Child (Immiment danger)

      Intoxication Manslaughter        
Aggravated Assault   Manslaughter    
Arson    Murder (sudden passion)    
Assault (Family Violence 2nd; suffocate/strangle)   Obscenity    
Bigamy (victim under 17 years old)   Obstruction/Retaliation (juror)    
Bribery    Online Solicitation/Minor (victim under 14;
or intent for sex)
Burglary of a Habitation
  Prohibited Sexual Conduct (direct ancestor/descendant)    
Compelling Prostitution (victim under 18 years old)   Promotion of Child Pornography    
Escape (causing bodily injury)   Promotion of Prostitution (victim under 18 years old)    
Evading (serious bodily injury/deflation, device or death)
  Prostitution (victim under 18 years old)    
Firearm Smuggling (under 3 firearms)
 Forgery (elderly)   Sexal Assault    
Fraudulent Use/Possession of ID Info   Sexual Performance by Child (inducing child 14-18;
directing child under 14)
Improper Relationship (teacher/student)   Stalking (2nd or more)    
Improper Sexual Activity (in custody with a juvenile)   Tampering with Evidence (human corpse)    
Indecency with Child (contact)   Tampering with Witness in Family Violence Case
(with prior Family Violence)

Injury to a Child/Elderly/Disabled   Theft    
Intoxication Assault (police officer, firefighter, EMS;
victim in coma)
  Trafficking of Persons    




2nd Degree Felonies Carry a Penalty of 2-20 Years plus $0-10,000









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