3rd Degree Felonies

3rd degree felony dwi

Abandon/Endanger Child (no intent to return)       Obstruction/Retaliation
Aggravated Perjury   Official Oppression (impair school data)
Arson   Online Impersonation (if response by emergency personnel)
Assault   Online Solicitation of Minor (communicate or distribute)
Assault Family Violence (enhanced with prior)   Possession of Child Pornography
Bail Jumping (from felony)   Possession of Firearm (felon)
Bigamy   Possession of Prohibited Weapon (other than knuckles, deflation device)
Continuous Violence against Family   Prohibited Sexual Conduct
Credit/Debit Card Abuse (elderly)   Prohibited Substance/Item in Correction Facility
Deadly Conduct (discharging firearm)   Repeated Violations of Court Order/Bond
Driving While Intoxicated (DWI 3rd or more)   Resisting Arrest (deadly weapon)
Enticing Child (intending felony)   Sexual Performance by Child (directing; victim under 14 years old)
Escape (felony offense or confinement)   Smuggling Persons (money; danger serious bodily injury/death)
Evading (vehicle, serious bodily injury, deflation device)   Stalking 
Exploitation of Child/Elderly/Disabled   Tampering with Evidence 
Firearm Smuggling (Under 3 firearms)   Tampering with Voting Machine
Forgery   Tampering with Witness
Fraudulent Possssion of ID Info (5-9 IDs)   Terroristic Threat (utility; fear/serious bodily injury; government)
Harassment    Theft
Improper Contact with Victim (while confined)   Unlawfully Carrying Handgun by License Holder (bar or jail/prison)
Indecency with Child (exposure)   Unlawfully Carrying Weapon (bar)
Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled   Unlawful Restraint
Intoxication Assault   Violating Court Order/ Bond in Family Violence, Sexual Assault,
or Abuse or Stalking Case 
(3rd or by assault/stalking)


3rd Degree Felonies Carry a Penalty of 2-10 Years Plus $0-10,000 




Criminal Lawyer Clayton Smith handles all 3rd Degree Felony cases.

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