Class A Misdemeanor

gambling promotion

Abuse of Corpse       Obscenity
Assault (bodily injury; elderly/disabled)   Online Impersonaton (spoofing)
Bail Jumping (from Class A or B offense)   Perjury
Burglary of Coin Operated Machine   Poss./Manuf. Criminal Inst. for Retail Theft
Burglary of Vehicle   Possession of Firearm (prior family violence)
Criminal Trespass (of habitation or with deadly weapon)   Possession of Prohibited Weapon (knuckles)
Deadly Conduct (no firearms)   Prostitution (2nd or 3rd)

Driving WhiIe Intoxicated with prior DWI (DWI 2nd)

  Public Lewdness

Driving WhiIe Intoxicated with higher than .15
Blood Alcohol Content (DWI .15 or higher)

  Resisting arrest 
Escape (misdemeanor arrest)   Sexting
Evading (no vehicle or injury)   Stealing/Receiving Stolen Check
Failure to Identify (false info; fugitive)   Tampering with Evidence (reporting corpse)
Failure to Report Felony   Terroristic Threat
False Alarm/Report   Theft
Forgery   Unauthorized Transfer of Financial Information
Gambling Promotion   Unlawfully Carrying Handgun by License Holder
Harassment (2nd)   Unlawfully Carrying Weapon
Illumination of Aircraft (pilot impairment)   Unlawful Restraint (adult)
Improper Contact with Victim   Violation of Civil Rights (in custody)
Interference with Emergency Request   Violation of Court Order/Bond in Family Violence,
Sexual Assault, or Abuse or Stalking Case
Interference with Radio Frequency   Violation of Protective Order in Sexual Assault or Abuse,
Stalking or Trafficking Case



Class A Misdemeanors Carry a Penalty of 0-1 Year Plus $0-4,000



























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